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Celebrating our August Feastdays

We are pleased to announce the 
Reception into the Novitiate of Clare Kennedy - Sr. M. Veronica Gabrielle Burnham - Sr. Bethany Marie Sidney Ramaekers - Sr. M. Magnificat
and the
First Profession of Vows of Sr. M. Rose Thomas Weighner Sr. M. Cecilia Abbadessa Sr. Mary James Becker Sr. Peter Marie Tran
The celebration of Holy Mass with the Rite of First Profession and Reception into the Novitiate  will take place on  Sunday, August 2, 2020 at 3:30 pm.
We are pleased to announce the  Final Profession of Vows of  Sr. M. Lucy Gantt Sr. Karol Marie Baumgarten Sr. Teresa Maria Leis Sr. Mary Francis Goodson Sr. M. Caterina Vola Sr. M. Gemma Kissel
The celebration of Holy Mass with the Rite of Final Profession will take place on  Monday, August 3, 2020 at 10:00 am.
Due to restrictions in place, we are unable to invite you to attend the ceremonies, however you are welcome to join us in prayer and participation via Livestream.
Please click on this link to open the St. Mary's Parish and School Facebook pag…
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God's Aventure Awaits!

Tune into a FREE virtual conference featuring a variety of speakers who will unpack topics related to vocations and discernment.  The conference will be available from July 31-August 2 to be viewed at your convenience.  To access talks after the conference, you can purchase a "Navigation Pass" that will allow you to view the presentations long after August 2!  You can also purchase a package that includes a "Navigation Pass" AND a subscription to the "True North Course" that walks you through five online modules aimed at helping you gain skills to make any life decision, not just vocationally speaking.  
Use the code ALTONFRANCISCAN to receive a discount should you decide to purchase the additional access.
Also, for those who are discerning religious life, don't forget to stop by our virtual booth to learn more about our community.  In addition, join us for a "Meet and Greet" via Zoom at the following times: Friday, July 31 at 8:00 pm (cent…

Return to the Heart

On June 1, six sisters began their preparation for final vows.  Their days are structured similarly to the way it was in initial formation with specific times for classes, working in the house, spiritual reading, and additional prayer.  In this way, they are returning to the heart of their formation.  So much of what is taking place this summer is also a return to the deepest part of their own hearts that have been drawn to say yes to Jesus through consecrated religious life.  Most importantly, especially in this month of June, it is a return to the Heart of Jesus, the fountain of life and holiness, from which flows every grace that is necessary to live this life faithfully FOREVER as they will profess on August 3.  Please pray for them during this time of preparation!

Set the World On Fire!

"If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire," St. Catherine of Siena is often quoted.  The Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) trains and sends missionaries to bring this message to college campuses, calling students to the abundant life that comes from knowing Jesus and inviting them into the adventure of following him in discipleship.  For nearly 15 years, our community has supported the work for FOCUS through our sisters presence at their annual training and conferences, as well as through journeying with missionaries and their students as they discern God's call for their lives.  This has included countless visits to campuses to give talks, provide spiritual mentoring, and even just playing cards or making music with students.  One recent trip included playing Corn Hole and other lawn games at the center of campus to spread joy and invite people into conversation.  It sounds like simple work, but it involves the dedication of many h…

Staying at Home...Family Style

As the country began to shut down, stay-at-home orders issued, public Masses suspended, I wondered how that would effect the daily life at St. Francis Convent.  With a chaplain on-site, we were able to continue the celebration of the sacraments as a family and maintain our normal horarium that includes the Liturgy of the Hours.  While we miss the members of the Legion of 1,000 who pray in our San Damiano Adoration Chapel, our sisters maintain the hours, interceding for the Church and the world especially during this time.  Family prayer.  Check. We continue to eat our meals in common, enjoying conversation, hearing about the latest technological mishaps with Zoom classes from the teachers among us, or about the almost daily changes our sisters in healthcare are adapting to.  Family meals.  Check. A great gift of this time for us has been the visible fruit of charity that has sprung up in our recreation together.  We have gathered to play various sports, enjoyed a bonfire (complete wit…
YDisciple, a resource through NET Ministries recently published this video to assist adult small group leaders in accompanying young people in discernment.

What is a Vocation?