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The Gift of the Sacred Heart

"Therefore we want always to be open to receive the love which our Redeemer seeks to give to the world in the Holy Spirit. Our response to him is the life we live, which seeks him above all." From our Constitutions #105 These words from our constitutions are a reflection of our devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and our spirituality which is to look upon Him whom we have pierced. Our charism is to make His merciful love visible. During our time of Visitation with our superiors here in Tulsa, our Bishop, Bishop Edward Slattery, came for Holy Mass. He gave a beautiful homily on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He said there are three important things to remember about the Sacred Heart: 1) The Sacred Heart is a gift given to us by God for us to receive. 2) The Sacred Heart is our gift returned It also states in our constitutions that "Our personal union with Christ is what makes possible our sharing in his humility. Our consecration, with him, to the Father is for the sal

The Power of Children's Prayers

On Friday, October 4, the Feast of St. Francis, the children and faculty of St. Catherine School in Tulsa, joined all of the children of the world in a Eucharistic Holy Hour. The Holy Hour was offered for the intentions of our Holy Father, Pope Francis as well as for Peace, especially in families. A Unity Candle was lit in front of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. During the Holy Hour we prayed the Fatima Prayers, Marian Consecration Prayers, and a World Mission Rosary. The children’s prayers were said with energy and enthusiasm even though many of the prayers were new to them. Each decade of the Mission Rosary was offered for a country in the world and their intentions.  Some of the children said, “Sister, I knelt the whole time and offered it as a sacrifice.” I told them that would make Jesus very happy! The students and faculty all felt the power of prayer during this very special time. We closed our Holy Hour by singing “The Peace Prayer.” To hear the voices of children praying

Welcome Marie!

As we celebrate the Solemnity of St. Francis today, we also give thanks for the gift of Marie Keller's vocation.  We welcomed her to St. Francis Convent on September 24, 2013.  Please pray for her as she begins her postulancy.  She introduces herself below:      Hi!  Praised be Jesus Christ!  My name is Marie Keller.  I am 22 from Cincinnati, Ohio.  I have 2 amazing parents, Cindy and Phil, and a younger brother Matthew.  I grew up Catholic and had the blessing of 12 years of Catholic schooling where I was involved in many activities especially swimming, service projects, and orchestra.      I really started to get more involved with my faith at St. Thomas Aquinas, the Newman center at Purdue University.  I studied Biomedical engineering and obtained my B.S. in 2012.  While at St. Tom’s, I began participating and leading different activities.  As I grew closer to the Lord I felt Him tugging on my heart to be His.  On the Sunday afternoon of a nun run to St. Louis, I met


Have you ever met someone and you knew instantly you would become great friends?  This is exactly how I felt when I met St. Francis Xavier last year during the first part of my postulant year.  I immediately knew that I was going to have a closer relationship with him than any other Saint, and I was right.  I have found in him the example of the life that I had been striving to live.  His spotless purity, unmatchable zeal, childlike joy and his great courage are just a few things that really hit home for me.  His remarkable example of friendship is also something that really struck out to me because it is only through relationships that I have learned to follow Christ.  St. Francis Xavier is most known for his missionary exploits and this is something that I am trying to imitate in him.  I have learned though, that I do not have to go to India to be a missionary.  In fact, I do not even have to talk to people.  All I really have to do is be faithful to the smallest tasks of each day an