July 23, 2007

Just Around the Corner

We inaugurate our community blog with a picture that speaks louder than a thousand words. These are our young Sisters who, on August 15, will take the next step in their religious life! Eight will make their Final Profession of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Two novices will pronounce their vows and become Brides of Christ! And our two postulants will receive the habit and veil and their new religious names and they will begin their novitiate!

We thank God for the gift they are to our Province! Please keep them in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sisters! It is a blessing to see your joyful faces. Thanks for answering God's call! We are blessed to have you as daughters of the Church!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful picture and what a blessing for your community and the Church! Your Sisters will be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!
What a wonderful way to communicate your love of the merciful Christ!

God bless all your Sisters and those in the invitation meeting in Germany, too!

Look forward to reading great progress from 1 Franciscan Way!

By the way, who's caring for the formation Sisters in your absences?

Please remember my family and me in your prayers before the Blessed Sacrament? Thank you!