August 29, 2007

A Sight for Tired Eyes

This is what Sister M. Alexandra and Sister M. Beata will see when they arrive at the Motherhouse! In fact, it is startling because it seems that there is nothing but lush farmland for miles and miles (maybe kilometers and kilometers) and then - as if out of nowhere - this is what the visitor sees! Walking around the Motherhouse grounds reminds one of the Sound of Music motherhouse there. It is simply beautiful! (There are singing nuns, too!)

Hopefully by now they have arrived! We'll let you know.... There was some delay in the travel due to weather on this side of the ocean, we have heard. But we do know they have landed in Europe.

Keep those prayers coming!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!
Goodness gracious! Weather or the devil causing the delays? >:o

Prayers continue for a safe and blessed journey, meeting and immersion in the Community experience.

Sister M. Beata wrote in a previous post that she had not yet been to the Motherhouse. Do the American Sisters get to travel there for a specific event or celebration?

How long does it take for the Sisters to acclimate from the time change?

When the Sisters go for this type of meeting do they stay in separate quarters and keep different hours from the rest of the Motherhouse Commmunity?

Do the Sisters only speak German at the Motherhouse? Do they have translators?

Since you have Sisters from all over the world do they pray in Latin, German, English? For that matter, what do you do there at the American Motherhouse?

Will the Sisters get to go to other Community houses like Assisi while on that side of the ocean? Or do they get to go to the Vatican?

When the Sisters go to the Motherhouse do they wear their American habits or change to the Motherhouse habits?

Does the American Motherhouse look like this picture? Do you have lots of land around and mountains like in the Sound of Music?

Does the Motherhouse have a museum dedicated to Mother M. Anselma and the Community? Does the American Motherhouse have a museum?

How many Sisters are in the formation teams and in formation all over the world?

Thanks for sharing this experience!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,

Looks like a really large complex. How many Sisters live at this site?

Are the farms part of your properties and do the Sisters work the farms like so many cloister communities?

Prayers for this great event and the Sisters participating are continuing.

This is a great site.

Thanks for sharing your Community with all of us!