September 2, 2007

A Day of Celebrations

Today is a day of many celebrations here at the Motherhouse! The pastor, Father Heinz-Gunter is celebrating his 40th Jubilee as a priest. He is also a Franciscan who is full of joy and enthusiasm... If only we could understand his homilies! The Mass this morning was very beautiful. The boys who live at the school here on the Motherhouse grounds were also at Mass, did readings, presented the gifts and interacted with Father during the homily. The choir sang beautifully, with three men employees of the school adding a very rich lower register!
After Mass was a formal presentation of gifts and reception for Father. Some of his family was there as well.

Today is also the nameday of the house Superior here - Schwester M. Ingrid, so everything has been very nice in the refectory for meals and we will have a special afternoon coffee with her at 3pm. One of the special things they put out today for lunch was water. Maybe they do this on all Sundays. I didn't think to ask. Otherwise, they eat lunch without beverages. It is an interesting cultural difference.

After lunch, Sister M. Alexandra and I had the opportunity to each pray in the adoration chapel at the Motherhouse to fill in for a Sister who needed a replacement. It was a special gift to be able to do this on our first Sunday here. I snuck of picture of Sister M. Alexandra (kneeling on the right) when she went up to pray. We are able to pray in the chapel at any time, but it is a special thing to be at the kneelers.

Also, the Indonesian Sisters arrived yesterday as well as Sister M. Daniele from Japan. We look forward to our time together. I have also included a picture of their arrival.
Finally, to quickly answer a question: Each province of our Congregation has a slightly different habit. They are all black, grey or white. Black is usually our formal color. Most of the difference depend on climate or apostolate. For instance, nurses wear white in all provinces, I believe. Someone asked a question about the German Sisters' habit. Their veils have been modified in the last two years, so you may have seen some older pictures which caused some confusion.

Thank you for all of your questions. I may not be able to answer them all, but hopefully we can get to some in the coming days. God bless you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!

What wonderful immersions in to the Motherhouse customs, jubilee celebrations, namedays, afternoon coffees, the meeting and greeting arrivals from other countries.

How many different apostolates-is that the right word for it?-are on the Motherhouse grounds?

Whew! Must feel like a whirlwind!
Are you keeping a journal for memories to relate stories to the American Sisters upon your return?

Hope you have voice recorders to collect the homilies and meeting notes for someone back in America to make your translations for you!!!!

Please remember all of us in your prayers before the Blessed Sacrament who are following you and the Sisters on your meetings there. We are praying for you, too!

Saw on the weather channel that the St Louis area in in the 90's, don't you have your American Motherhouse close by? What's the weather like in Germany just now?

Thanks for sharing your time and insights!

Anonymous said...

Sister M. Beata,

This is the first chance I've had to sign in to this new addition to the website. It is a great idea! It will be so very nice to follow you and Sister M. Alexandra in your German adventure. Know that we are praying for you. Please remember me, the Sisters at John Paul II and all of our St. James community when next you visit Mother M. Anselma's grave.

God bless you,

Sister M. Luka