September 8, 2007

Feast of the Birth of Mary

Today was Profession and Reception here at the Motherhouse. We celebrated with a very beautiful Mass which had much of the same ritual as we do in the United States. The things that differed was mostly the order in which it all progressed. The chapel was beautifully decorated and the choir sang very well! After Mass their was coffee for all of the guests in the school gymnasium and then the Feastday Sisters had lunch and visit time with their families.

Today is also the Silver Jubilee of Sister M. Alexandra, Sister M. Kateri, Sister M. Rita, Sister M. Paula and Sister M. Josepha from our American Province. We wish them all a blessed day as they celebrate 25 years of the Lord's faithful love.

This is also the Entrance day for our two new postulants, Sarah Reischl and Liz Sondag. We thank the Lord for them and for their response to His grace.

Mary, our Mother and our guide, we pray for your Motherly intercession for all who are seeking to know and follow the will of your Son.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!
Congratulations and God's blessings to you all!
May God bless all in the formative stages and the jubilee Sisters!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister M Alexandra!
Congratulations for your Jubilee and may God bless you!
What's it like to have this celebration at the Motherhouse?
What do you remember most of your first 25 years with Community?
Congratulations to all the Sisters!!!
What a terrific witness for the new women entering your Community!

Candice said...

Happy Jubliee to all, and congratulations on the two new postulants! God is so good. God Bless you all.