September 4, 2007

Going on a Trip!

Today I wanted to give you a few pictures before we set off on a trip to Heede. I don't know a lot about this place yet, so I will fill you in when we return.

Yesterday we went to a Sister's funeral in Schwagsdorf. It was very interesting to see the differences in funerals in other countries. They had a rosary, a procession to the cemetery, the burial and then the funeral Mass followed. The service at the cemetery was very beautiful. The casket was lowered into the ground and then at the end, each person came forward and blessed the grave with holy water. Schwagsdorf is the provincialate for the German province.

So here are two photos:

Sister M. Alexandra playing the organ in Christ the King Church at the Motherhouse.

Schwester M. Frederika showing us one of the presses in the host bakery.
Someone asked what aspostolic endeavors are on the Motherhouse grounds. There is the Generalate - Reverend Mother's office and all of the offices that help to run the whole Congregation. There is the Motherhouse convent in which Sisters do many works like working in the kitchen, housekeeping, chapel/sacristy, etc. St. Joseph's Infirmary is the home for the old Sisters, especially those who need assistance. There is a host bakery. There is a boys school in which the Sisters are teachers and some are like house-mothers, living with and caring for the boys who board here. There is also a retreat house - St. Agnes where groups can come for retreats. Then directly outside of the walls of the Motherhouse is St. Agnes, which is a vocational school - or home economics school. Then right down the street is St. Elizabeth Hospital which is also one of our aspostolates. I think that is all, but I could be missing something. There are many Sisters here in Thine!

God bless you. We will be praying for you in Heede. Please keep our two candidates in your prayers who will be entering the postulancy in Alton on September the 8th. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister!

Sincere sympathy for your Community loss of a Sister.

That is a huge Church if that is the organ at which Sr M Alexandra is sitting!!!!

So in America the American Motherhouse is considered not a motherhouse but a provincial house since the German Motherhouse is not the provincial house? Confusing...

My that sounds like you need a lot of Sisters there to keep up with all of those apostolates.

Heede? Read something when looking in to apparitions of Fatima. Do you get a chance to see that lady Grete Gadsforth (some such name, depending on what was read)?

Congratulations on the two new candidates in Alton!

Please do remember us all in your prayers as I'm sure we all are doing for you and your Sisters!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,
What does provincialate stand for in your Community?

Where is Schwagsdorf and Heede from where the German Motherhouse is in Thine? Is it like in another state here or are the distances shorter?

Sincere sympathy for the loss of your Community Sister. Are all the Sisters buried at the Motherhouse?

Congratulations for the 2 new candidates!