September 17, 2007

The Grandeur of the Church

Our first week of meetings has gone very well. We thank everyone for your prayers. There is such a richness here, having all of the formation directors of our Congregation able to speak (more or less!) with one another and share experiences.
On Sunday, we were given a special gift - a trip to Osnabrück. Thuine is in the Diocese of Osnabrück, so we began our day in the city with Mass at the Cathedral. One of the things that struck me the most is that the Diocese was established around 780. Through many wars and other difficult times, the Church still remains. After Mass, we met and spent some time with Bishop Fraz-Josef Bode, the current Bishop. It was an honor to meet him and discuss the topic of formation.

Also included in our trip to Osnabrück was a tour of the Dome (Cathedral), led by one of our own Sisters, Sister M. Annuntiata, who is stationed there at the cathedral. Down the street is the St. Francis of Assisi School which is also run by our Sisters. This is a professional preparation school for young people after high school. The Sisters showed us the school as well as providing us with lunch, coffee and their joyful presence. There are also many other convents located in the city of Osnabrück. After we, a bit wearily, returned home, we thanked Reverend Mother for a beautiful experience of the grandeur of the Church.
We wish you all a Blessed Feast of the Stigmata of St. Francis!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!
What a great photo! And you all look almost alike!
How far is Thuine from Osnabruck?
Do the Sisters live at the Motherhouse and commute?
Sounds as though you have a very generous Reverend Mother! Please thank her for us for allowing you this opportunity to share this experience with us!
Be sure to take your vitamins! Can imagine the "pace" to be far different from your local experiences!
Thanks for being so open and giving!!

Anonymous said...

I have noticed through times in the adoration chapel in Alton and photos from your web site that each sister carries the same rosary. Am I correct in this? Is this given when they are received into the novitiate and is this rosary specific to your community only?