September 21, 2007

An International Joy

As we have now finished up our official meetings, I have time to post before we depart for Assisi! The time that we have thus far spent together as formation directors in our Congregation has been a great joy for each of us.

We spoke at the end of our time about the graces that each of us received. One of those has been that we have all been touched in a very deep way is in the experience of the beauty of the way in which we have been called - a way inspired by Mother M. Anselma's response to the Holy Spirit in response to the needs of her time. We are each called to live out our lives in response to the Holy Spirit in our times and in our own cultures. "Simply ready in obedience to God's call." That is the spirit of a Thuine Franciscan.

To live with joy the fullness of the life which we have chosen is what the Lord desires for each of us and for each young woman who is called to our community. We pray that those who are called, in each part of the world, be able to answer the Lord with joy and enthusiasm.

Now we have the grace to go together to Assisi and experience the spirit of St. Francis that still lives there to this day. We do not receive these graces only for ourselves but for all of our Congregation and for all who have asked for our prayers. May God bless you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!
What a blessed picture of the Community together for a future filled with promise!
To be open, ready!
May you always feel in the depths of your soul, not the emotion of the moment, the graces you have received personally and for the Community. Don't let anyone steal your dream, dissuade your focus on Him whom they have pierced.
May your mercy be bright lights in all times in all corners of the universe!May St Francis and St Clare guide your spiritual steps to the God of love!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!
What a special gift to be in Assisi.
Do you get to remain through the feast day celebrations?
Will you be staying with your Community there?
How large is your convent there? What is your apostolate in Assisi? So many of the Italian convents and monasteries take in lodgers. Does yours?
How far are you from the Basilica?
Please remember us in your prayers and thanks!

Sr. Dianne said...

Dear Sisters,

The Lord give you peace! Thank you for remembering us in Assisi at the tomb of St. Francis. May his spirit continue to live in you and his prayers for all Franciscans support us as we follow the poor and humble Christ.

With joy in the Lord,
Sr. Dianne, OSE