September 7, 2007

Mary, Queen of the Universe and of Poor Souls

We have returned to the Motherhouse in Thuine from three beautiful days in Heede. A little history of this Marian Shrine:

It is said that from 1937-1940, Mary appeared 105 times to four children here in Heede. she desired to be honored as Queen of the Universe and Queen of Poor Souls. Since this time, a grotto has been built in her honor and many people come to Heede to honor the Mother of God and to pray.

We have a convent across the street from the Shrine where the Sisters often spend vacation or retreat. It is perfect because of the many opportunities for prayer, Mass, adoration and Confession, etc.

Our time here has been a grace in being able to be peaceful in the Lord's presence and with the prayers of Mary. It has also been a time in which we have prayed much for the needs of others and for those close to our hearts.

Thank You, O Lord, for Your many blessings during these days!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!
Thanks for sharing this Marian Site with us!
The picture is lovely.
Do the American Sisters get to vacation there sometimes, too?
So glad it was a peaceful experience for you!
Wow! So near to where Our Lady appeared!
Thanks, too, for your continued prayers for us! We are praying for your successful trip too!
And for tomorrow in America too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sister!
Thanks for all that you are posting in our Motherhouse! It is such a blessing to visit all these "sacred places" vicariously through you and Sister M. Alexandra.

Please pray for our Mass for Consecrated Life tomorrow in St. Louis. We have 250 women and men religious coming!!!

We are praying for the feastday sisters in the Motherhouse!

Sr. Eva-Maria