September 10, 2007

Ringing out the Praises of God

One of the often mentioned adventures of the Motherhouse is going to the top of the bell tower of Christ the King Church. This afternoon Schwester M. Sophia took several of us up and showed us the bells that produce such beautiful sounds, reminding us of the glory of God. Not only was climbing the narrow staircases exhilirating, but the joy of us all understanding, despite us speaking four different languages was also a grace from God.

As this picture indicates, there are four main bells in the tower. There is a tradition in which each of the bells has a name. The largest is Christ the King. It tolls during processions for funerals. The next bell is Maria, which tolls each hour. The next bell is St. Joseph which tolls every quarter of an hour. The smallest bell is, appropriately, St. Francis. When all of the bells are rung together it is very beautiful.

When they move here, the people of the village of Thuine have to sign an agreement that they will not complain about the frequent tolling of the bells. Each Saturday evening, the bells 'ring in' the Sunday. (Sister M. Alexandra and I didn't know this yet, and thought we might be missing prayers.)

During our tour we were also able to see the sacristies of the Church, special vestments, and the mosaic of Christ the King up very closely. This is a very beautiful piece of our Congregation's heritage. May the joy of the Lord 'ring' forever in your hearts!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,

Are they Carillon bells? Do they play programmed melodies for the season?

Ah, the smallest bell of St Francis, how right!

WOW? I wonder if we could even get folks to agree to sign an agreement let alone not complain about a united event here in the States or if it wouldn't be litigated as unconstitutional?!

Hope you get to make a recording of the Saturday bells for the American Sisters to hear, and those who have come from Germany to have a pleasant memory! Or can you program your American Motherhouse bells to play the melodies?

Do you know the Brazilian Sisters in your group? Are any of them from America?
How many Community novititates are there in your Congregation?

Lift up your hearts! Enjoy!

Thank you for so generously sharing this precious time with us!

Keep sponging up all essence of the Motherhouse you can to share with those whom you serve in America and elsewhere.