October 11, 2007

Laudate Signore!

These are the first words of a song which we have learned in Assisi, the words of which are St. Francis's prayer, The Canticle of the Creatures. It is with much joy and peace that we have returned to the Motherhouse. Our time in Assisi was truly a time of grace in each of our lives and for our entire Congregation. During our stay in Assisi, we were able to walk in the footprints of St. Francis and St. Clare. We spent time in Assisi itself, but also had the opportunity to go to the other places that Francis loved such as La Verna, Greccio, the Portiuncula, San Damiano, and many other places.

One of the highlights was being in Assisi for October 3 and 4th. There were many people there for the feastday. On the evening of October 4 there were Vespers in the Basilica of St. Francis followed by a procession from the lower Basilica to the upper Basilica. At the piazza of the Upper Basilica, the Bishop blessed all of those attending with the Autograph of St. Francis. It is the blessing that St. Francis wrote to Brother Leo which is now kept in a reliquary. The picture above is of the procession and to the side is the blessing. The friars brought branches from olive trees to be blessed and distributed to the people. This was a very striking and beautiful part of our experience in Assisi.

We prayed very often at the tomb of St. Francis and brought all of the intentions entrusted to us there. May all that the Lord wishes to give you through the intercession of St. Francis and St. Clare bring you joy! We will share more of our adventures in the weeks and months to come!

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