July 15, 2008

Sister M. Eucharia's Reflection

Greetings! My name is Sister M. Eucharia. I am a second year novice who, along with five others, will be pronouncing vows for the first time on August 15th. The formula that we use for saying our vows is, I think, very simple and beautiful. My favorite part is at the beginning, “with a firm resolve to consecrate myself to God, and to follow Christ unconditionally.” What powerful words these are! They say to me, “Be faithful and firm in serving the Lord.” As Christ is my Bridegroom and I, His bride, let nothing separate me from loving and serving Him to the best that I am able. Yet, above all, let me not do anything contrary to what He wills me to do. Christ is the Master, and I am a humble handmaid with my eyes fixed intently on Him whom I love.

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