July 15, 2008

Sister M. Judith's Reflection

The part of our vow formula that means so much to me is the line, “To follow Christ.” In order to “follow” someone, you have to be able to trust him or her. When you trust someone, you place yourself in a very vulnerable situation. You have to open your heart and decide to follow this person wherever he or she goes, without knowing ahead of time where he or she will go or where he or she will lead you. This sort of trust is only possible in love. Not a selfish love that only desires to receive. Trust is only possible in a true love that is willing to give without thinking about what I will “get out of it”. Only true love can suffer without knowing why. Only true love can obey when it doesn’t make sense. Only true love can trust and follow without seeing the path, and only true love never gives up.

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