October 22, 2008

A Series of Saints

As November approaches and we remember our beloved dead, it seems an appropriate time to begin a reflection on the saints that have influenced our congregation in one way or another. So, this inaugurates a Wednesday series on "The Motherhouse Saints." Christ the King Church, the "chapel" of our Motherhouse in Germany, is richly decorated with images of the saints who reflect some particular aspect of our history, spirituality or apostolic work. Over the next weeks, we will glance at their lives and their meaning to our congregation.

This introductory installment shows the mosaic in the sanctuary of the Motherhouse Church. Christ the King, robed and sceptered as King, wearing the stole of a priest, displaying His Sacred Heart, is the focal point of the entire Church. When seen in person, this huge vision of Our Lord is overwhelming - He dominates your vision from the moment you enter the doors. He is surrounded by angels and Saint George and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary stand at His side ... but we'll speak of them later.

He is the center. His pierced Heart invites us all to embrace His merciful love. His face seems stern, but with majesty, He invites us to His service.

All praise to this Divine Heart which won our salvation!

This vision expresses in image the totality of our spiritual foundation. We look on Him whom they have pierced - but He is the Lord risen in glory, pouring out His mercy to all, and inviting us to live our lives wholly in His love.

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