November 22, 2008

Notes from Kansas

Hi again from the sunflower state! Now I have traveled on to visit our Sisters and young women at Benedictine College, my alma mater too! What a joy to visit the campus again and to see the changes and growth of the school.

Along with talking with some beautiful young women, I was here to support my Sister as she played her Music Senior Recital. She had to play the piano for an hour, music memorized! It was amazing. As she was playing I was thinking about how the Lord cannot be outdone in generosity. Here is a young woman who has given her life for the service of the Lord. When she entered the convent 7 years ago, she placed her gifts and talents and LIFE at the foot of the cross. She surrendered (and continues to do so) her will to the Will of the Lord. Yes, she entered because the Lord called and she responded with offering everything. Did she know she would be able to study music, one of her loves? No. Did she think she would be playing a senior recital for her family and fellow Sisters seven years later? No. Did this lack of knowledge of what gifts she would be asked to use keep her from following the Lord? No. She still said yes. She followed regardless of whether her natural gifts and talents would be used or not. Yet, the Lord is greater in His love for her, for you, and me. He sees her sacrifice, your sacrifice, my sacrifice, and pours out His love upon us. For now, He has asked Sister to use her gift of music to serve Him.

What are you willing to offer to the Lord? He cannot be outdone in generosity.

God bless!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister M. Consolata,
Thank you for sharing this unique experience with us! My Vocation Directors really get to see lots of interesting aspects of her Sisters lives in apostolic action!
Quite sure there are more experiences you could share about the human aspects of the Sisters...and what God uses those talents for on a daily basis.
Seems like a great witness for those questioning their vocations!
Thank you Sister Mary George for being such a witness!
a grateful reader

1 Franciscan Way said...

Dear A Grateful Reader,

Thank you for your comment! Are there specific human aspects of the Sisters that you would like to know about? Yes, there are certainly many talents that the Lord uses on a daily basis of the Sisters!

God bless you this day!
Sister M. Consolata, FSGM

veniteadoremus said...

Dear Sister,

Please know that you helped a lot of discerning women, and their parents, with posting this !

I e-mailed the link to my voice teacher, who is sad to see me go...


A future Dominican :)