December 8, 2008

Cleaning House

Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

Do you know what we celebrate today? Sometimes people will respond with saying it is about Jesus, yet it is actually about Our Lady, Mary. Today we celebrate that she was conceived without sin! Imagine! It may be hard to grasp, but as it says in a prayer we pray: "O God, by foreseen merits of the death of Christ, You shielded Mary from all stain of sin and preserved the virgin Mother Immaculate at her conception..."

The Lord prepared Mary to be the worthy mother of His Son, to carry Him in her womb - in purity! Pure. We can look to Mary as this example of purity. She can teach us how to prepare our hearts for the coming of her Son.

This Advent is a time of preparation and a time of waiting. How are you preparing your heart? Well, how do you prepare for your family, friends and guests for Christmas? You probably clean your house! I don't imagine that you would host them in a dirty room to spend the night! You clean, you cook, you decorate, and then after all the preparation, you wait until they arrive! Do you ever look out the window or door, thinking, 'Where are they?' Then when your guests have come you spend time with them!

I ask again, how are you preparing your heart for Christmas? For the most important guest? Are you cleaning...going to the sacrament of reconciliation? Are you cooking...preparing gifts to give? Are you decorating...covering your heart with virtue? Are you waiting attentively at the door? Are you looking for His arrival? Most importantly, will you invite Him in and show Him around when He comes? Will you spend time with Him?

Ask Mary to help you. Prepare your heart. Take time now. It's not too late.

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Marilena said...

beautiful statue of our Lady of Grace!