December 14, 2008

Weihnachtsmarkt '08

From preparations to grilling and frying to visiting and buying, Weihnachtsmarkt was a truly blessed night!

What is Weihnachsmarkt? In Germany they have Christmas Markets and so we decided to have our very own here. We started the annual tradition in 1997. At the time Sr. Marie, originally from Germany, was in the Novitiate.

The Novitiate (postulants and novices) prepare for Weihnactsmarkt! The Professed Sisters come - even driving from some of the other convents - to enjoy some food, 'buy' some gifts, and enjoy community! Of course Christmas Markets are not free! How do we pay to get in, eat some food and buy some crafts? With 'prayer marks' of course, all offered for the Novitiate!

Included along with the purchases are several items for raffle! This year we had a baby blanket made by Sr. M. Petra, a quilt made by Sr. M. Judith, a nativity set, a homemade ginger bread house, a couple of baskets with goodies, and Mother's surprise!

Much gratitude goes to the Novitiate for their hard work and hospitality! And the Grand Total of 'prayer marks' prayed (or to be prayed) this year is 16,000 - an all time high! One prayer mark equals 1 Hail Mary! Our Lady will be interceding for the Novitiate!!

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Marilena said...

wonderful! Merry Christmas to all the Sisters! God bless you abundantly!