February 11, 2009

Our Lady, Health of the Sick

Today is the celebration of the World Day of the Sick, chosen because it is the feastday of Our Lady of Lourdes. Every year thousands of people, suffering from every sorrow and sickness, travel to Lourdes to invoke the intercession of Our Lady. She appeared at Lourdes to a young girl and told her, "I am the Immaculate Conception." During one visit, she revealed the spring that God has used to heal the sick even until the present.

For me, it is a day to pause and remember the meaning of sickness; a day to pray for those who are ill; to remember all the Sisters engaged in the apostolate of health care, particularly in our Saint Anthony's Health Center and Mother of Good Counsel Home.

God makes all things work for good for those whom he loves, those whom he has called. By identifying with his sacrifice, our sorrow and suffering become redemptive. We have lately had two Sisters diagnosed with cancer. Both of them are young and were very active before God called them to suffer for him in this particular way.

And yet, they do amazing things for our community, the Church and the world by their patient acceptance of this cross from his hands.

In the living out of Calvary in the day-to-day circumstances of their lives, they gain innumerable graces for the whole world. They may not see the true effects of their suffering until we all meet in eternity.

As the Church celebrates this feast, may all those in sorrow or pain or illness receive the special gift to unite their lives with Christ for the redemption of the world.

--submitted by Sister M. Luka, Kansas City in Kansas

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