March 20, 2009


"Rejoice in hope, be patient under trial, persevere in prayer."
Romans 12:12It's nearing the end of the 3rd week of lent. Are you feeling a little discouraged? Have you fallen a few times with your resolutions? Do not lose hope! Do not give up! Begin again.

Here is Sister M. Wencesla - an image of perseverance!

Every day she spends 2-3 hours in adoration. You see, we Sisters do not 'retire'. Instead, we become 'Adoration Sisters'. Sister M. Wencesla is an example of a Sister who has persevered in prayer, persevered in following the Lord, persevered in the midst of the Cross, persevered in serving Him wherever He has asked. Yes, she still perseveres in faithfulness today.

I don't know where you are in the journey of following Christ, but whether you are just beginning or it's been some years, do not give up in the face of tempatations or doubt. Remember, Jesus faced temptations in the desert too.

Another example of faithfulness to prayer is Sister M. Julia!

She too is an Adoration Sister! She is a witness of someone who looks forward to spending time with Jesus. On Monday she had an adoration hour from 8-9am. I took her place from 9-10am. As she was leaving she whispered to me, "I'll see you at 10!" As soon as she leaves Jesus she is already thinking about when she will return to Him!

These two Sisters - Sister M. Wencesla and Sister M. Julia - are lights to us! I know we have received much through their powerful intercession. May they receive in return for their 50+ years of love and service to the Lord!

Perseverance - I only have to look to these Sisters to see it lived out. Perseverance - defined by 50 years of service. I've only just begun at 10!

Don't give up dear friends! Persevere in LOVE!

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Anonymous said...

Indeed these are two living, breathing saints among us!
Thank you for sharing this power and prayer-filled entry.
God does bless these Sisters and so many more who have borne the test of t i m e through the vast changes since Vatican II, in Community, in habit, in mission!
Please do continue to share more of the witness entries with us!
Sure makes the day brighter knowing they are before the Eucharistic Lord praying for His Church!
A grateful reader