March 4, 2009

Setting the bar high

Tis the season for reflection.

It seems that in the jumble of these days, people talk about what they are "giving up" for Lent -- and it always sounds like they are making a heroic sort of sacrifice. But in reality, what are we really giving up? We forgo sweets, or some t.v., or some other superfluous indulgence.

But what did he give?

It seems like it might be good to set the bar high; to give a bit more - not so much to "give up", but to "give to"; to remember that this life will pass, and the way we make use of our time now will influence how we are for all eternity. It may be time to "go for the gold," or, as someone once said, "to run so as to win.

May God bless us in his mercy.

--submitted by Sister M. Luka, Kansas City in Kansas

1 comment: said...

Sister, you've made an excellent point! We should give more of ourselves in the spirit of Christian charity, since our Savior gave all that He had to us!