April 2, 2009

The Power of One Yes!

Where were you on April 2, 2005? Today is the fourth anniversary of Pope John Paul II's death. What an incredible witness he was of a man living for Christ!

Have you ever pondered what one 'yes' can do? Have you ever thought about the effects of John Paul II's yes? It's quite amazing isn't it? I'm sure each of us has a story of how he affected our life. Why? It's because each of us encountered Christ's love in Pope John Paul II. He encouraged us to live for Christ and to not be afraid of following with our whole heart.

Is Christ calling you to follow Him? What is holding you back from saying YES with your whole heart? Be not afraid. It takes courage to say yes, but you can make a difference too! Take a step of faith and of courage and say yes to the Lord!

As we think about Pope John Paul II - here is one of his messages:

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Nikki said...

Sr. M. Consolata- this video speaks volumes. Can you tell me what I can find it under on the you tube website. I would like to send it to a friend of mine. Again, I daily inspired by what you and the other sisters post. Thank you for that witness.