April 15, 2009

Will you walk with me?

On Easter morning, bright and very early, twenty-one young women stood up and said "Yes."

It's an amazing moment.

On Easter all of the faithful renew vows. We stand at the feet of the Risen Lord and proclaim yet again

I renounce Satan,
And all his works,
And all his empty promises.

And we proclaim that we believe in God.

But these women took it one step further. They have decided that they want to radically live out their lives in fulfillment of those promises.

They told the Lord that they want to walk with Him.

He asks that question of each of us, in all of the circumstances of our lives:

"Will you walk with me?"

So what about you? Will you walk with Him?

--submitted by Sister M. Luka


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister M. Luka,
Thanks for sharing these vowed witnesses with us!
What happy youthful faces!
What a beautiful picture!
What are all the names?
Where are all the apostolates in which they serve?
Any celebrating final vows this year?
Where is the picture taken? The Provincial house or one of the sister houses?
One of the sisters is wearing a different veil? Is she from a foreign province?
a grateful reader

1 Franciscan Way said...

Dear Grateful Reader,

Thank you for your comment! The names of the Sisters from left to right:
Sr. M. Dolorosa - Nursing studen
Sr. M. Karolyn - Director of Catechesis/Youth Ministry at St. Mary's, Edwardsville, IL
Sr. Mary Gianna - Housekeeping at Archbishop's Residence, St. Louis
Sr. M. Catherine - Education Student
Sr. M. Eucharia - Early Childhood Education Student
Sr. M. Mercedes - Religion Teacher at St. James Academy, Kansas
Sr. M. Vianney - 1st grade teacher at St. Matthew, Champaign, IL
Sr. M. Faustina - Art Education Student
Sr. M. Clementia - Administration at St. Francis Day Care Center, Alton, IL
Sr. Mary George - Music Education Student
Sr. M. Christiana (front) - Housekeeping for Apostolic Nuncio in Washington DC
Sr. Mary David (back) - Housekeeping at St. Francis Convent, Alton, IL
Sr. M. Teresa - (front) Religion Teacher at St. Mary's, Alton, IL
Sr. M. Joan - (back) Cook at Cardinal's Residence, Philadelphia
Sr. M. Theresia - Government Teacher at St. James Academy, Kansas
Sr. M. Judith - Refectorian at St. Francis Convent, Alton, IL
Sr. M. Antonia - Education Student
Sr. Mary Jude - Nursing Student
Sr. M. Ignatia - Nursing Student
Sr. M. Bridget - History Education Student
Sr. M. Andrea - Service at Cardinal's Residence, Philadelphia

Sister M. Theresia and Sister M. Joan will be in preparation for final vows this summer.

The picture is taken at our Provincial house here in Alton, IL.

The Sister wearing what looks like a different veil is not from a foreign province. This is Sr. M. Antonia and she is our dear Sister who is battling cancer. Please keep her in your prayers! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!
Thanks for the information
What a diversity of apostolates!
2 for final vows, I bet they are excited like brides awaiting their bridegroom!
Sister M. Antonia, you are in the daily prayers of many. What courageous witness each day for all the Congregation, and us as well!
a grateful reader