June 3, 2009

It’s the Little Things

It’s a constant revelation to me how life in the convent and life, consequently, is about the little things. Sunday, was the feast of Pentecost as well as the feast of the Visitation. Although the Visitation was trumped by the Holy Spirit, I don’t think that Mary minded being overshadowed by her spouse. It was also eight of our Sisters’ nameday.

We take our names after Saints, Mary, Christ, and the Holy Spirit to name a few. Sunday was the nameday of Sr. Mary Grace, Sr. M. Hannah, Sr. M. Elise, Sr. Mariela, Sr. Mary Elizabeth, and Sr. Marianna (for the Visitation), as well as Sr. M. Consolata and Sr. M. Renata (for the Holy Spirit).

Namedays are usually comprised of a special petition at Mass, greetings, Nameday songs (sung to the tune of Happy Birthday – Is it still copyrighted if you change birthday to nameday?), and many little gifts found in their room. It’s amazing what little things can mean.

Sr. M. Elise’s room was filled with…an art gallery of her Sisters’ finest work. Imagine 26 coloring pages of the Visitation taped around the room. They were all colored with extreme deliberation. Some added bubbles for text, others a Jewish welcome matt and cross on the wall (Elizabeth was a little ahead of her time!), Elizabeth displaying her favorite teams mascots, and even glitter halos. 26 original works of art created specifically for Sr. M. Elise.

It was the thought that was touching. It was reading the back of the sheets with explanations of why there was brown on the bottom of Mary’s garment; she was coming in haste after all. It was the fact that one little Sister had been passing out coloring pages since Christmas to Sisters as they came home to Alton from all over the United States.

Our life isn’t about great feats, abounding fame, or resounding acclaim. It’s about the little things done for our Sisters and those we serve done in love. It’s the little things that we do daily out of love of Jesus Christ.

Passing out coloring pages = 6 months.

Recruiting 6’ tall sisters to hang coloring pages = 1 morning.

The smile on Sr. M. Elise’s face as she viewed her art gallery = priceless.

- submitted by Sr. Mary George Brown, FSGM


Anonymous said...

Happy belated Name Day to all the sisters. May God continue to shine through you to all you reach.

Anonymous said...

May God continue to bless your community and especially all the sisters who celebrated their name day on the feast of the Visitation and Pentecost.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister M. Elise!
Your smile is priceless! Thanks for allowing us to hear about your nameday. What a diverse group of names for the date!
Maybe you all could be in a group shot? Is this the largest group on any given nameday?
Sister Mary George, thanks for writing this article!
Glitter halos? Takes me back to my grade school days! ;)

Anonymous said...

Anxiouly awaiting updates to your blog and for pix of the new novices and professed. Know that they are in my prayers as are all the sisters.