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A Glimpse of Summer

From a Rummage Sale at the Day Care, May Crowning at St. Francis Convent, Nun Runs, breaking an ankle, and the everyday work at the convent, our summer here at St. Francis Convent has been filled with joy. Many Sisters have come and gone as they go on retreat, take vacation, fill in for other Sisters or simply enjoy the time of summer. Enjoy some pictures below!

Sr. M. Christine and Sr. M. Redempata
Sister M. Wencesla
Sister M. Annunciate
Sister M. Henrietta
Sister M. Julia
Sister M. Christina says "Thank you to Andy and the sweetest lady who helped me at the museum." You can see her below in the wheelchair.
Sr. M. Isidoris and Sr. M. Christina
Sr. M. Margaretta and Sr. M. Mercia
(from left to right) Sr. M. Pauline, Sr. M. Chiara, Sr. Marysia, Sr. M. Renata, Sr. Mariela, Sr. Mary Benedict

Below, a group visits us from Little Rock, AK. What a blessing!

From our May Crowning at St. Francis Convent
Sister M. ChristinaSr. M. Martha Sr. M. Clementia


Anonymous said…
Dear Sisters!
What great pictures!
So many without captions :(
Who are they?
Such happy faces!
What a terrific shot of the Novices!
Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
mmmmm....wish I was there! Sounds awesomely awesome!
Anonymous said…
Hi Sisters!
These a wonderful pictures!
There are so many happy faces!
They certainly are youthful!
What is the average age of a sister in your Community now?...the youngest?...the oldest in age and in Community?
You only have one Sister in white. Do you have a group picture of the Hospital Sisters, the Daycare Sisters. Who else wears white for their daily apostolates? And is there a significance for the different colored aprons?
Thanks for sharing these awesome glimpses in to your Community!
A grateful reader
Audrey said…
May God continue to bless your community with many vocations. Glad to see/hear that your summer is not too "boring" (ha ha). Sorry to see that Sr. Christina is injured, but nice to see that she's still smiling. God Bless you sisters!!
Thank you for the kind comments!
Here are come answers to your questions:
"What is the average age of a sister in your Community now? early 40s...the youngest? 20 years old...the oldest in age 84 years old... and in Community?" one of our Sisters will be celebrating her 60th Jubilee in October.

Do you have a group picture of the Hospital Sisters, the Daycare Sisters. I don't have one handy, but that's a great idea! Who else wears white for their daily apostolates? Any Sister who is a nurse, works with children at teh day care center or cooks wears white. And is there a significance for the different colored aprons? It's not too specific, but we usually wear grey to clean and for recreation. We wear white when working with food and is commonly used by the Sisters who wear white.
Anonymous said…
Hi Sisters
August 15 is coming through and what events are lined up?
Anonymous said…
Dear Sisters at One Franciscan Way,

It is always a joy to see all your smiling faces! As well as a joy that you freely share your inside lives with us! Are there special ceremonies/events that take place before the postulants are received into the novitiate on August 15? What will their new names be? Are your habits hand-sewn at your convent or done elsewhere? Also, do the second year novies participate in any special ceremonies/retreats before making First Profession? How are the sisters doing who are battling cancer? Thank you for your daily yes to Him and showing the love of Christ everyday and everywhere.
Michaela said…
Hey I feel Sister Christina's pain! I sprained my ankle playing football with my 4 year old brother and am currently on crutches.
Thanks for your comments and questions!

The young Sisters are currently on retreat, preparing for their feastday. A number of other Sisters joined in the retreat on August 7th. All of the excitement and celebration will culminate on the 15th at 9:30.
Audrey said…
Looking forward to seeing the bright smiling faces of the new novices and the newly professed. Know that you are all in my prayers.
Anonymous said…
This is your friends from Arkansas we wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us. We were hoping you recieved our thank you letter?

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