August 15, 2009

Feastday - 2009 - First Installment

The day of days is here! The young Sisters have been preparing in so many ways for their next step in the religious life and today they make the step.

It is always a celebration of the entire Church - the families and friends of the community participate; Sisters come from all over the country; and bishops and priests descend with the very ardor of the apostles. Today, Cardinal Justin Rigali, Archbishop George Lucas, Archbishop Joseph Naumann, Archbishop Robert Carlson, Bishop Jerome Listecki, Bishop John Gaydos and Bishop Robert Hermann and many priests (last count, about 22?) joined our celebration. It is a day when Heaven touches earth and the Church universal sings for joy as women place their lives wholly into the hands of God.

In the posts that follow, there will be a lot of images of the day, capturing in digital the joy of the Lord.

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Anonymous said...

ANXIOUSLY awaiting the next installment!!