August 15, 2009

Joy overflows abundantly

The community, family and friends rejoice...

Sister M. Theresia

Sister M. Beata and Sister M. Maximilia

Sister M. Dolorosa and Sister Mary David

Sister M. Bernadette and friends

Sister M. Veronica and Sister M. Christine

Sister M. Karolyn

Sister M. Isabella with her family

Sister M. Luka, Sister M. Anselma and Sister M. Pauline ...
three generations, one office book.

May the Name of the Lord be praised!


Michaela said...

I totally wish I could have been there! I'm hopefully coming next year, and definitely in 3 years, because then I'll be able to drive... all I have to do is get a car and convince my best friend to navigate for me!

Candice said...

Congratulations to everyone!

St. Bernadette said...

what does 3 generations one Office Book mean? Doesn't each sister get
their own copy?
Also, do the Sisters HAVE TO change their name?

1 Franciscan Way said...

"Three generations, one office book" refers to a little community story. Many years ago, Mother M. Ingeborg gave Sister M. Luka an office book, which she then used for a number of years.
When Sister M. Anselma was a high school student discerning her vocation, Sister M. Luka gave her the office book, which she then used for a number of years.
When Sister M. Pauline was discerning her vocation, Sister M. Anselma passed the office book on to her.
Each Sister does have an individual office book - this one just has a special history.

1 Franciscan Way said...

Each Sister in our congregation changes her name when she formally becomes a member - on the day of her reception into the novitiate.
This is an ancient practice - examples that come to mind are Abraham (Abram), Sarah (Sarai), Israel (Jacob) and Peter (Simon). In each case, the name change is a sign of a special call from God and the beginning of a new life in Him.
We do not reject our baptismal name; we show our particular gift of grace in the change of our name.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful witnesses to the world! May you continue to brightly shine the radiance of the Lord to all you meet.

On another, how many postulants for the Fall?

Anonymous said...

Tell all the sisters congratulations and prayers are with them.

--Arkansas friends :D

KatyT said...

Thank you for sharing these photos of the beautiful celebration. I am so happy to see my friend Sr. M. Isabella so happy, and so beautiful in her veil. Congratulations to all!
With love and prayers.