September 29, 2009

Welcome Back!

We welcome back our Reverend Mother Margaretha Maria and Sister M. Engratia to the United States! They will be here visiting us for a few weeks.

You can check out more pictures from their arrival last night on our website!

Please pray for us!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!
What a blessing and gift!

What a holy time when a Mother comes to see her daughters!

So many different and happy faces!
Thank you for sharing your Community with me!
a grateful reader

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister,
How often does Reverend Mother come to visit?
How long is her service as Mother? Is she like an Abbess also?
Is a Mother always a Mother if she is replaced?
Is Sister M. Engratia her traveling companion?

1 Franciscan Way said...

Our Mother General makes a formal visitation every six years. We have been fortunate that Mother Margaretha Maria has been able to visit us "in between time" several times over the years.

In our Province, we have chosen to retain the title "Mother" after the Provincial Superior's term ends.