October 5, 2009

A Diamond and GoldenJubliee

On October 4th, the Solemnity of St. Francis, we celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Mother M. Ingeborg and the Golden Jubilee of Sister Ann Marie. We give thanks to the Lord for the gift of their consecrated lives and years of loving service to the Church. You can see more pictures from the day on our website. Please join us in praying for these Sisters!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,
What a blessing for these two women to have achieved so many years of faith filled service in your Community.
How many other "Mothers" live in Alton?
Do they get to make a special trip as a pilgrimage somewhere for their jubilees?
God bless Mother M Ingeborg and Sister Ann Marie and all of you!
a grateful reader

1 Franciscan Way said...

We call our Mother General and our Mother Provincial "Mother." The rest of our Sisters, no matter their role, are "Sister."

In our Province, we have chosen to retain the title "Mother" for our former Provincial Superiors.

Currently, we have two "Mothers" in Alton - Mother M. Ingeborg, our former Mother Provincial, and Mother M. Regina Pacis, our current Mother Provincial.

Anonymous said...

Thank you & congratulations jubilee sisters for your combined years of loving and faithful service to our risen Lord. I have a question, are your years counted from the day of entrance or some other date?

Anonymous said...

The news of the Jubilee is interesting. In learning about St
Francis, I noticed that the TAU
Cross is often seen. What is the
story behind that?

1 Franciscan Way said...

Our Silver Jubilee is calculated from Entrance; Golden and Diamond Jubilee are calculated from First Profession. Sister Ann Marie had 50 years of Profession; Mother M. Ingeborg, 60.

The Tau Cross is the cross made in the form of a capital T. It was a favorite symbol of the cross of St. Francis.