November 12, 2009

Advice from a Postulant

To Women Discerning:

The most important thing is to be open to Christ's will, and to know that He loves you with an abounding love! During your discernment process, it can be so hard to keep a clear, focused mind. There are times when you are so upset and frustrated because you want to know what your vocation is now, and you don't know what it is. There are also times when you are peaceful and happy because during your time of prayer with Christ, you have been drawn closer to Him.

Place yourself in His loving arms and tell Him that you want to do His will. Give Christ the chance to tell you what He wants of you. Be patient with God and especially yourself. If you practice patience with yourself and put all your trust in Christ, He will put you on the right path towards your vocation.

Making use of the Sacraments of Holy Mass and Reconciliation bring you closer to Christ in His loving embrace and strengthens you along the way. Going to Eucharistic Adoration is helpful too. Make the time to talk to Him, or just being in His presence in Eucharistic Adoration is important too.

Spend time with Christ and tell Him everything. Let Him know your heart. Tell Him how much you love Him and allow Him to tell you what His will is for you in His own time.

- submitted by Monica McKenzie, Postulant


Anonymous said...

Hello! Great post, Monica. You're wise beyond your years!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,

How will you celebrate the Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary?

A friend

Christina said...

Totally Agree Monica! :)

(P.S. It's Christina - who visited about a week ago!)