March 29, 2010

These hands are the Lord's hands

As we all know “the Lord has in everything He does a good intention”. To begin an apostolate of serving priests in the year of the priest makes this intention very easy to find. On first glance, these are holy men of God who have spent their lives in his service, and are in fact still spending them. The more I get to know them, I find this is true, but there is more to it than that.

While they stand in the place of Christ, they are also quite human, they struggle with growing older. The failing sight, impaired hearing and unsteady gait that goes along with this part of the journey. Most of them have lived by themselves and are now “living in community” as we know this has its own trials and tribulations. Each has his own personality and way of doing things, yet everyday they come together as one to celebrate the Eucharist, to be Christ who gave himself to the world.

Watching them has taught me that in order to “be Christ” one has to be able to see past our own opinions and reach the person right in front of us who is in need of seeing the Christ we have vowed to make visible. These priests have spent fifty or more years forgiving sins, baptizing, leading lives to heaven and bringing the Eucharist to hungry souls. They have indeed been the hands of Christ. While as Sisters we are called to be his heart to bring his love to the world. Our own hearts must be set on fire with his love, that the flame may be seen by others.

Every day during Mass as I see the aged hands, twisted with arthritis, spotted and wrinkled, stretched over the chalice that brings my divine spouse nearer to me, I will thank God that I have seen his hands.

The priests of Bonacum house left to right:
Top row, Fr. Gadient, Fr. Zastrow, Msgr. Hain, Fr. Kalin, Msgr. Herbek, Msgr. Dawson
Bottom row, Msgr. Murrary, Fr. Rutten, Fr. Lyons, Msgr. Pohl.
- Sister M. Judith, FSGM

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Matt and Janelle said...

I was just currious as to who wrote this entry. It is very beautiful and touching. Please let me know so that I can keep her in my prayers.
Thank you so much,