August 24, 2010

Enter In!

The new entrance to St. Francis Convent in Alton, Illinois - the provincial motherhouse of our Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George - was completed in time for Bishop Thomas Paprocki, Bishop of Springfield-in-Illinois to bless it after the Mass of First Profession and Initiation into the Novitiate on August 15.

This is the new entrance into which our postulants will "enter in" to their new home with us on September 8. Please pray for all our Sisters, especially for our "new ones" who will join us in a couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,
What an amazing picture! Is this all of the provincial motherhouse Sisters? That is your new Bishop, isn't it?
Do your sisters work in his chancery offices as well?
What does the symbol mean on your sign?
Thanks for sharing!
a grateful reader

Anonymous said...

Dear Siater,
When was this built,and whare is it located? I havent been there since I was there in 2004? It looks very neat! say hi to all the sisters esp. Sr.M.Martha,Sr.M.Elise,Sr.M.Redemta I hope there doing well
God Bless a former Sr.