September 19, 2010

Hello!  My name is Miranda Edgar and I am from Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I am eighteen years old which makes me the youngest of three.  Both my brother and sister are enjoying the vocation to the married life.  During high school I played on the varsity bowling team learned how much I enjoy bowling.  I also enjoy listening to music, driving around, and spending time with others.  My favorite saint is St. Faustina because of her constant yes to God.  I was drawn to the Sisters by their joy in giving everything up for Christ.  When I left the convent for the first time I felt as if I was saying good-bye to my family.


Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see that such a young lady is so commited to a life of serving God! God bless you for your decision to serve him.

Jillian Edgar said...

We are so proud of you Miranda!

Jill and Billy

frater Nathanael Diek Nov. O.Cist said...

I will pray for your postulants!
It is very nice to see, that you have so much vocations.
Greetings and prayers,
frater Nathanael Diek Nov.O.Cist.