September 15, 2010

Meet Ashley Vola

Hello, my name is Ashley Vola and I am 19 years old.  I am the youngest in my family and I have one older brother, Michael.  I lived with my Mom, Dad, and brother, Michael in Lake St. Louis, Missouri my whole life.  Some things I enjoy doing with family and friends include camping, hiking, playing cards, listening to music and reading.  I love being outside whenever I have the chance.  I felt very drawn to the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George through the Holy Spirit.  With the Sisters I found the deepest desires of my heart being satisfied in their peace and joy.  Mary's 'yes' of pure love helped me to give my yes to our Lord.


frater Nathanael Diek Nov. O.Cist said...

I am so happy that your community have so good vocations! I will pray for you! I know the FSMG from Germany. My aunt is also a FSMG.
frater Nathanael Diek Nov.O.Cist

Anonymous said...

May peace and joy be yours, Miranda, as you follow your hearts desire!