September 20, 2010

Visitation in Brazil

Mother M. Regina Pacis and Sister M. Kateri are nearing the end of their time of Visitation in our Sacred Heart Region in Brazil.  They will have spent six weeks visiting our Sisters and various convents in Brazil.  Check out some photos from their experience in Mâncio Lima!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures.
I met Sr. Kateri when she was missioned in South Amboy. She is such a lovely and kind person.

Crossing Guard, South Amboy

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!
What wonderful pictures! Sister photographer is great!
Are all the vegetation on the mission property? Vibrant colors!
Can really see the ministry, the joy, the Brazilian way of living and traveling, the poverty, and the real needs.
Mother and Sister look to be enjoying themselves as are the children!
Thanks for sharing!
a grateful reader

Anonymous said...

Yay Sisters on location! :) This is the greatest Order ever! Brazil is truly blessed. New York could certainly do with some FSGM too.