October 27, 2010

Sincerity and the Great Pumpkin

Would the “Great Pumpkin” pick this patch as the most sincere? I think Linus would have thought so. Set in the country roads of Pennyslvania, Hazok Farms beckoned us away from our studies in order to see the “Great Pumpkin” with our own eyes. A week before Halloween, we student Sisters in Steubenville, Ohio enjoyed a day filled with the smell of fall leaves, funnel cakes, apple cider, and hay rides. We traveled the short distance on the tractor filled with hay to the pumpkin patch situated on the property of the farm. I echoed the words of Linus from It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown- “I don’t see how a pumpkin patch could be more sincere than this one!” Small kids were running around with their parents trying to find the perfect pumpkins. The Sisters entered the patch with great expectations to search for the pumpkins that fit our carving plans.

What struck me about our trip was the simplicity and sincerity that came from a beautiful fall day, surrounded by families and festivities. When we can be bogged down with stress, tests, and homework, it is the enjoyment of a day on a farm, watching parents and their children spend time together, being able to laugh with my sisters, and appreciating the nature even in a small pumpkin that I am reminded of what matters in life and what brings true joy and happiness. Without a doubt, the “Great Pumpkin” will definitely choose this patch to be the most sincere—maybe I should let Linus know.

Returning from the farm, the Sister began the great task of gutting the pumpkins. I happily went far away until they were ready to carve. I have never understood the joy in putting my hand in a vegetable filled with gooey, slimy guts. I am happy that someone can do the dirty work for me! We had the great idea to purchase four small pumpkins, carving an F-S-G-M in each. With our larger pumpkin, we found a pattern of the Sacred Heart, which Sister Mary Jude and Sister M. Dolorosa meticulously carved to perfection. Through our pumpkins, we accomplished making Halloween into Holy-ween! Have a safe and blessed All Hallows Eve!

By Sister M. Clementia, FSGM

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Anonymous said...

Way to go sisters!
You have carved a most "sincerely" joyful group of pumpkins!