December 24, 2010

Accompany Your Mother

Artwork by Christopher Santer
Our Lady - She is your Mother or do you call her Mama? Do you know her?

Have you walked with Mary this Advent towards Christmas?  Imagine what it was like for her to encounter Archangel Gabriel. “Do not fear Mary...Behold, you will conceive...and bear a Son...and you shall name Him Jesus.” What are some of your fears? What is the Lord asking of you? Will you say yes like Mary?

What was it like for Mary to travel to see Elizabeth? What is it like for you to see someone you have not seen in months? Years? JOY! “And how does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” Do you recognize Christ when He comes to you each day? In your family? Friends? The unknown? The familiar?

Accompany Mary and Joseph as they travel to Bethlehem. Place yourself walking on the road, entering the city, and hearing the response “No” to “Do you have any room?”

Very soon.  The manger. Jesus is there, a precious newborn. Have you ever held such a tiny baby? Have you seen the glow of a new mom? There’s Mary. She invites you to hold her Son. She rejoices that you are there with her. Be still. Be at peace. The newborn King is here....for you. His Mother, your Mother, is with you.

Allow Mary to be your Mother this Christmas. Let her show you how to love her Son. Let her love and protect you as her precious child. Remain in her arms. Simply be with her. Simply be with her Son. She will show you how to accept His love for you. She will show you how to love in return. If you do not know her, now is the time. She invites you to walk with her these days.  You are not alone.

Have a Blessed Christmas!

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thomthom said...

A very nice reflection, thank you.