February 3, 2011

Missioned to Cuba

On December 27th four of our Sisters left for the Motherhouse in Germany to prepare for a new mission.  A few weeks later on January 10, 2011 they were going to Cuba.  Sister Eva-Maria, Sister M. Wiltraud, Sister M. Philippa and Sister M. Seraphica have responded to God's call to bring His Merciful Love to the priests, seminarians and people of Cuba as they serve at the new seminary in Havana.  Please keep them in your prayers and check out more photos


Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters!

Congratulations in spreading Love to Cuba!
How many of the American sisters are left who were missioned to the USA?
What must it be like?!

Will more Sisters go there from all over the world now to aid in this mission?

Where do the Sisters fly out of St Louis, Mo or FL? Or round about for the cheapest tickets? How long is the flight? Do you land in Havana?

Do you have your convent on the Seminary property or next door?

Will they wear the American habit, or Brazilian or other?

How different is their order of the day from the one here in the US?

Do you have room to grow for more sisters or will you have a novitiate there as well?

Who is the Sister Superior now that Mother M Regina Pacis will be coming back to the US?

How soon before Mother M Margaretha travels for a visit?

How many other Religious sister communities are there...several photos show other religious women?

This is tremendous news and exciting to read about!

Thanks for sharing your merciful love with all of us!

::Praying for a successful mission::

a grateful reader

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,
God's blessings on this mission.

Who invites you to be in a mission?

Do you decide what apostolates you want to perform based on whom you send?

How is a mission decided upon by the Community?

Who decides who goes to the missions?

Is there an age limit Community wise or age wise?

Is there any special preparations a sister makes to go on a mission, say language, educational degrees, cooking classes?

Was the US a mission prior to becoming a province? What makes the change occur?

Thanks for letting us see a bit of your lives!