September 21, 2011

A New Name

Greetings from the newest members of the Novitiate! On August 15, 2011 three young women were received into our community as Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George and I am blessed to have been one of them! While our community received us, we in turn received our religious names, habit and veil. I often go back to the moment on the 15th when Bishop Paprocki handed me my habit and announced that I would “henceforth be known as Sister Teresa Maria.” Walking in for the first time in my habit to our Sisters singing “Here I am Lord” is a memory that will forever bring a smile to my face and to my heart.

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Sister Teresa Maria, I am 22 years old and I am a proud Wisconsinite! I grew up in a small town in Southwest Wisconsin called Cashton with my two younger sisters Kateri and Clare and our parents. I tease my family that I entered the convent so I could have a saint’s name like my sisters! I took my name after Mother Teresa and our Blessed Mother. I have loved Mother Teresa ever since I was a little girl and I credit her for leading me to a deeper love for Our Lady, and together they took my hands and guided me to the vocation Christ had in store for me. My admiration for Mother Teresa can be summed up in the simple way she gave her whole heart to Jesus and because of her love for Him was able to love the world in some of the ugliest situations.

Her courage and motivation to love and serve the world came from her intimate union with Christ. As canonical novices we spend this year deepening our own union with Him. We are strengthening our interior life with Christ so that after profession we will have what we need to spread His merciful love wherever He sends us. God bless you!

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Jeff and Rebecca said...

We are so proud of you Sister Teresa Maria! You are in our prayers. Please continue your prayers for us too. It has bee fun getting to know all of your family better over the summer. Kateri sure does have a gift of loving little children. She took such good care of all three of our little ones. Peace to you on your journey.