October 6, 2011

More thoughts

More thoughts on the pilgrimage...

Lauren:  It was a time of renewal.  A renewal of my devotion to the Blessed Mother, which ultimately led me closer to the Most Sacred Heart of her Son.

Sister Teresa Maria:  During our pilgrimage, particularly our time at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Mary reminded me not to remain idle.  We should each always spread our love for Christ and the Church.

Sister M. Alexandra:  During our pilgrimage Jesus inspired me through our Mother M. Anselma that "For my Lord, nothing is too hard."  As we know the greatness and compassion or our Lord, we think less and less or ourselves.

Sister M. Caterina:  Our pilgrimage was a reminder that we must put our desire to totally serve Christ into action by imitating the  Blessed Virgin Mary, especially in her humility as the "handmaid of the Lord."

Sister Mary Francis:  During my pilgrimage, I really felt like I deepened my understanding of the Church as one, holy, catholic, and apostolic seeing in a special way with our community the unity and universality of our life.

Sister M. Agnes:  Our Lady and St. Joseph were present in a special way with us on our pilgrimage.  As they drew us closer to Jesus and each other, we were renewed in our consecrated life.  May our trip continue to bear fruit in the coming months.

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