October 4, 2011

Respond To Love!

What motivates you? What moves you to act or not act? To speak or not to speak? To serve or not to serve? What fills your heart?

Do you not have a deep desire for Love? Does your heart and soul long for It? Today we celebrate the Solemnity of St. Francis! This saint was motivated by love. His actions, his words, his prayer, his tears, were motivated by Love. He knew Christ so intimately that he cried because Love was not loved.

When we have tasted the Love of Christ, we know peace, we know joy and we know our dignity as a child of God. And our heart longs for even more of this Love, yet it will not be satisfied here on earth.

May the same spark of Love that enflamed the heart of St. Francis ignite your own heart to love more each day. May our own hearts cry with the same anguish as St. Francis that "Love is not loved!"  How does this happen? Let us look upon the Crucified One. As we spend time at the foot of the Cross, we will come to know the Love poured out for us – for me. As I open my heart to receive and acknowledge such a Love, then my heart is moved to respond.

St. Francis – pray for us!

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