October 3, 2011

"Serve Day"

W.A.S.A.B.I. "With all small actions, big impact." This is the theme for our school year at St. James Academy in Lenexa, Kansas. The theme comes from Mother Teresa's message that God doesn't ask big things from us, but rather, small things done with great love. So, when KCTV 5 showed up at our school on Wednesday afternoon, then again on Thursday morning, we knew that our small actions of that day were going to make a much larger impact than we had ever imagined. Thursday, September 29th was our annual All School Serve Day. Every year we go out and serve the greater Kansas City community for a whole day, sent out by Houses (similar to homerooms) to bring Christ to those we meet and to grow as a House in the work we do for others. So on Thursday morning when a Junior boy asked me why KCTV 5 was at school saying, "But Serve Day is normal for us," I could only respond, "Yes, it is normal for US, but it is not normal." Most high schools do not send nearly 700 students all over the city by bus to serve the community for a day. Most high schools do not stress the importance of giving back through Christian Stewardship. Most high schools do not give up an entire day of teaching and ask their teachers to go out and serve with their students. But St. James Academy is not like most schools. Those who were watching the morning news on Thursday in Kansas City know that now, and so do you.

St. James the Greater, pray for us!

- Sr. M. Bridget, FSGM teaches at St. James Academy