June 27, 2012

Always with Us

Today I took a walk.  When is the last time your transportation was walking?  As I did so, I was walking into the wind.  It was a gentle, yet strong, wind.  It was very present throughout the entire time of the journey.  At times I was keenly aware of it and at other times not so much.  Isn't the wind interesting?  We cannot see it but we know it is there because we can feel it. 

The wind reminded me of the presence of God today.  He is so present to me all the time, but sometimes I forget.  I want to know His presence and He is saying, "I am here" all the time!  Today was His direct reminder to me that He is with me, gentle yet strong.  I just need to be attentive and I will 'see' and know that He is with me.  I encourage you today to remember that Jesus who loves you so much, is always gently beckoning you to be aware that He is with you.

"You travel on the wings of the wind."  Psalm 104:3

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sister!
Thank you so much for sharing this!
Currently I am availing myself of a small tome called Everyday Serenity and this is as thought taken from a recent entry!
Indeed God speaks to us in the whisper of the wind , and sometimes to me through a blustery one!
Please remember me in your prayers before our Eucharistic Lord as I do your entire Community.
A grateful reader