February 25, 2013

A Mission of Love

"...to be open to receive the love which our Redeemer seeks to give to the world..."  Constitutions 105

These simple phrases sum up as best as possible my mission experience at Mater Redemptoris Convent and House of Formation in La Crosse, WI where our Sisters work with the Office of Vocations to help young women in their path of discernment.  One part of my apostolate there was going to various grade schools throughout the Diocese and introducing the idea of a Vocation to the students.  As I journeyed from school to school sharing with the children what the life of a Sister is like, answering their questions and helping them understand why someone would do this, I found myself always coming back to the same point, which incidentally is the foundation of our life.

The Lord loves each of us infinitely and it is on account of this love that I am here, not because I want to be great or do great things, but because Love has gently drawn and beckoned me and I have said, "yes".  This love is what excites and ignites me, inspiring me to respond and even more to share it with the world.  As time went on, I began to realize that what these kids will remember is not how family visits work or what the Liturgy of the Hours is but rather the love, the joy, the genuineness, and the conviction behind my words.  I was not there to convince them that religious life is amazing but that God is real and His Love is amazing.  The rest can only follow after that.

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