March 1, 2013

St. Alban Roe, Pray for us!

May the Lord give you peace!  This is Sister Teresa Maria sharing a little about my time on mission at Mater Dei Convent in Wildwood, MO.  Our Sisters in Wildwood serve at St. Alban Roe elementary school.  While our three Sisters who are stationed there have their own classes, I had the opportunity to help all over the school.  I had outside duties each day and spent time with students from each classroom (Pre-K-8th) during my six months.  I would give religion lessons, help students with homework, sit at the front desk, and often answer curiosities about religious life and the difference between myself and the other Sisters.  I encountered many puzzled faces when I arrived in a white veil.
Even though I was not physically in our Province's Novitiate, my time on mission was a very natural continuation of my initial formation.  Although none of the Sisters I was living with were my Novice Director, they have had a role in my formation.  It is not possible to be prepared for every situation you might have on mission before you go.  I feel blessed to have had the Sisters willing to guide me.  I look forward to finding out just how much I learned the last six months as we prepare for vows and share our experiences with each other.

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thomthom said...

I have read this many times and posted it on Facebook for family and friends to see and learn about Sister Teresa Maria's mission experience. We had the privilege to visit these Sisters and the school mentioned. The Sisters are beautiful, Christ filled women and the school was a bright, welcoming school filled with students and staff eager to meet us. Tom Leis (Sister Teresa Maria's dad)