June 8, 2013

A Joyous Welcome

Here we are at Ave Maria University joining the FOCUS missionaries for their new staff training.  What a joy to be surrounded by so many young men and women on fire for their faith.  It is inspiring to hear their stories of how Jesus led them to follow Him to evangelize on college campuses.

Imagine how you would feel anticipating your placement.  What mission field (college) is Jesus going to send you?  The night of announcement was incredible.  MUCH energy and joy filled the room.  There was a genuine excitement among the teams awaiting their 1st year missionaries.  Then the moment came when the new team members arrived.  Excitement, cheers, and joy exploded in the room!  It was probably a bit overwhelming for the 1st years to enter into, but also one where they experienced true love and welcome to their team.

As I observed this taking place, it made me think of what heaven might be like. The joy of the saints welcoming each one of us home!  Have you ever thought about what it will be like to arrive in heaven?  Surrounded by the missionaries awaiting their new team members was certainly a small glimpse into the joy awaiting me in heaven.

It is also a reminder of how to welcome each person I encounter every day, to receive them with a smile and accept them with joy as Jesus loves me.  

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