June 10, 2013

Beauty in God's Creation

            Being in Ave Maria, Florida for the past week has been a true blessing. We are present for the FOCUS Missionary New Staff Training and have been able to sit in on classes, have wonderful conversations with missionaries, and be inspired by their witness. We have also been witness to the beauty of God’s creation all around us. I can’t help but think of St. Francis and his love of divine beauty found in all of God’s creation.
On our first full day in Florida, we saw many very different examples of God’s creation that I do not ever see in Kansas. On our way from dinner, we saw an alligator in the canal on campus peeking out of the water, soaking in the sun. When we got back to our dorm room, there was a massive orange grasshopper on the ivy outside our window. We’ve also seen buzzards and heard of panthers in the area. Life in the Everglades is much different from life in the Midwest!

Massive grasshopper on our window.

Alligator eyes peeking out of the water.

            Some of the similarities, though, that reminded me that God is truly present no matter where we go have been the gorgeous sunsets and the rainbows that pop out of the sky after an afternoon downpour. God is constantly reminding us of His covenantal promises and His love for us in so many ways.

- Sister M. Bridget, FSGM

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