July 7, 2013

Consolation, the Cross, and Prayer

Today Pope Francis spoke to Seminarians, Novices and those discerning their vocations.  Are you one of those mentioned?  Even if you are not, Pope Francis' words remind us of the joy of consolation, being conformed to the Cross of Jesus and remaining rooted in prayer.  Below are a few quotes or you can read the whole text:

"Today the word of God speaks to us of mission.  Where does mission originate?  The answer is simple:  it originates from a call, the Lord's call, and when he calls people, he does so with a view to sending them out.  But how is the one sent out meant to live?  What are the reference points of Christian mission?  The readings we have heard suggest three:  the joy of consolation, the Cross and prayer.

...Dear seminarians, dear novices, dear young people discerning your vocations:  'evangelization is done on one's knees', as one of you said to me the other day.  Always be men and women of prayer!  Without a constant relationship with God, the mission becomes a job.

...What counts is to be permeated by the love of Christ, to let oneself be led by the Holy Spirit and to graft one's own life onto the tree of life, which is the Lord's Cross." - Pope Francis, Homily at Mass with Seminarians, Novices and those discerning their Vocations.

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