August 9, 2013


The most important aspect about religious consecration and what it means to me is that it is a gift.  Every baptized member of the Church is consecrated, set apart for God and now Christ has invited me to come even deeper as His Spouse, in a new and special way.  It is not because of anything I have done or could do, because "apart from God, I can do nothing."  As Christ died on the Cross out of a gratuitous love for us sinners, so too, He extends this gift of gratuitous love to me as the path He has planned for me for all eternity.  This gift must be handled then with gratitude and prayer because it is a relationship.  It is a relationship that says, "God is everything."  I cannot take advantage of such a gift and so each day I want to witness to this merciful love of Christ, which He wants every person to receive as a gift.

- Sister M. Caterina, FSGM

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Joanne said...

May all of you find peace and happiness as you consecrated yourself to the
almighty Father.