September 30, 2013


My name, Sister M. Veritas, was inspired by the Holy Spirit.  But everyone could probably say that, right?  Although, not all Sisters can say they are named after the Holy Spirit like I can.  "Veritas" means "Truth" and my name comes from the Spirit of Truth.  I really never even thought of this name at all, until my superiors suggested it to me.  Even though at first I didn't even know they were talking about my name, as soon as they said, "veritas", it rang true, as the saying goes, and I knew it was my name.  That's the truth - I just felt the Holy Spirit telling me that was my new name.  After that I just started thinking about how fitting this was.  I have always had a special devotion to the Holy Spirit and an instinct for the Truth, and since receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, I have had a passion for teaching others about the Truths of our faith, the sacraments and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  I have also taken "Spouse of the Holy Spirit" as my title for Mary in my name.  I can see how Mary and the Holy Spirit have been working in me to sanctify me throughout my whole life.  I can also see that God has had this name for me from the very
beginning of my life!

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